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The Home Office Trend

Home Office is a work or office space set up in a person’s home and used exclusively for business on a regular basis.



Work at home, the numbers:

BBC 5 Live Wake Up To Money analysis reveals a 74% jump in the number of people working from their own home between 2008 and 2018.

More than 1.54 million people work from home for their main job – up from 884,000 ten years ago, according to the ONS Labour Force Survey, the largest study of employment circumstances in the UK.


Some tips to succeed your Home Office:


First of all, you must have the appropriate equipment and know how to arrange your workspace.

The collaborator must find in his home a quiet space, bright and equipped by a efficient Wi-Fi.

It is also important to know how to plan and organize your work, focusing on individual work that do not require collaboration with your colleagues.

However, you must not isolate yourself from the company, so you have to keep in touch with your employees and remain available. The employee will have to make phone calls and videoconferences.

Working from home allows you to adapt your working hours. It is possible to start earlier or finish later than the scheduled time. It is proven that employees are more productive on average !

In conclusion

Working in a quieter environment, with a flexible timetable are the main benefits. Moreover working from home enables you to gain precious communting time.

Howrever, it is not without any risk ! less team spirit a distanded team relationships with colleagues superiors, you could feel excluded if you don’ watch out ! So set the grand rules and do not abuse working from home !


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14 mars 2019